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Running as Salvation.

My friend Joshunda, whom I mentioned in my last post, grew up in the Bronx before bouncing around the country to live the writer’s life, and so running NYC last weekend was a homecoming of sorts. But the lessons to be gleaned from running go much deeper.

Fred Lebow, who founded the NYC Marathon in 1979, described running as “the oasis in life, the one area unlike business or relationships, where one does not cheat or exaggerate. I will never write in my log that I ran a mile more than I did. Running is my area of total honesty.” Running my first marathon was a message of salvation for me and more. Even if I fall short in many other ways as a human being, I know now that I have the heart of a champion and an honest woman — at least when I am running. Like anyone else who worships by the mile, I can only hope that honesty infuses the rest of my life.

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